Garnier BB Cream For Combination/Oily Skin ...

Hi everybody,
How are you? It's been ages since my last post. I hope everything is going well.

Sorry, I haven't written for long long time but we are very busy with the little one and yeah we're still here in Dubai.

Recently I've tried the new, maybe it's only new for me.. I really don't.. anyway i tried the Garnier BB Cream For Combination/Oily Skin and.. wow I am very impressed.

I already have my foundation, the amazing Guerlain Météorites Baby Glow foundation, that is a light textured liquid foundation with a light-medium coverage on skin.
I find that the product is light on skin and easily blends. However, tends to a slightly more pink tone. So, basically I was looking for something more "easygoing" also because here my skin some times gets some sun ray.

I've listening talking a lot about this and i decided to give to it a go. 

I now.. it's for combination to oily skin.. and you now well that my skin is normal to dry.. but this formula is the best. Few years ago I  tried the classic one but i really did not like that. And there are a lot people on the web that they agree with me.

So, are you looking for a new bb cream? you have to try this, believe me! 
This BB cream provides a longer lasting satin finish than the original and if you are someone who has decent skin and only requires something that provides light coverage, then this BB cream is for you.  Is very light and even if is quite runny it gives you a really nice coverage.

This is all..

have a nice day


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