Many things are good, many are important but only few are essential

That's the kind of post I've decided to write this month and I am telling you why..

Last month, I found my self clean up my wardrobe and I felt so bad.. I found my self throwing away old things, clothes that I don't like anymore and I felt really sorry for the waste of money.

I think that is the right time for change, only few useful things and that's it!

Not only for the wardrobe, of course but also for my beauty products as well.
So I started cleaning up everything, throwing away old and expire products and here we are: just the essential!

So here my guide, my personal list of my essential things.


  • All in one cream, Elizabeth Arden 8 hours cream is the one
  • Cc cream and a Setting powder 
  • Mascara, for me it must be black 
  • Concealer (recently I am really enjoying Kickass Soap and Glory)
  • Lip balm 
Skin Care

  • Face cream
  • Eye cream
  • Face foam wash
  • Face mask


2 pair of Jeans, few cotton tshirt, one jeans shirt and one in cotton (baggy of course), a long dress and a couple of long skirts - here they are essential and a couple of summer dresses and a pair of shorts.

Sandals and flip flops.

I don't want to seem hypocrite but I would like to try to be more responsible about shopping.

So I will start from this.

I don't know what you think about it.. let me know



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